Underwriting insurance risks requires deep technical knowledge. On the one hand, the underwriter must have a profound knowledge of the policy terms, conditions, and other matters to ensure the technical integrity of the insurance business. On the other hand, the underwriter needs to understand the client’s business to accurately assess risks. Additionally, a strong understanding of commercial insights is essential, as underwriters must not overlook marketing and sales knowledge in their evaluations. 

Too often, we see an imbalance between all components resulting in poor service. The underwriter is on the front line. It is with him or her that the enquiries come in.

Everything depends on how the underwriter handles that. At IMU, the principles and rules of the game are no different. All technical aspects are in order, but also the way we deal with our assures.

We dare to safeguard our identity with an approach that ‘we act as a service provider’. 

How do we do that?

We provide comprehensive answers to all inquiries, ensuring each client receives our undivided attention. We also prioritize establishing clear agreements in our communication to keep our distribution partners well-informed. We refer to this as ‘deadline communication’ and aim to surpass expectations in this regard. 

IMU’s portfolio has significantly expanded and continues to grow. Our underwriting department now receives assistance from Maria Tragka and Joanna Souliac, both of whom have backgrounds in maritime and transport law. They are motivated to comprehend all aspects of ensuring Charterers’ Liability and to gain insight into the client’s business, allowing them to work empathetically. 

Maarten Beets, our underwriter, is continually navigating the balance between fulfilling his technical insurance duties and delivering exceptional service to brokers and clients. 

In Maarten’s own words:

“As an underwriter, I have a dual responsibility. First, I must be able to convincingly demonstrate that I understand the client’s business to assess what coverage of risks can be offered. Of course, the insurer’s position is also important, so I am always looking for the right balance between premiums and conditions. Based on all the information, we create tailor-made solutions. As an insurer, we particularly want to distinguish ourselves as a ‘service provider’ with a hands-on approach and presence in replying”. 

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