I was 66 years old when I started IMU in 2018. I couldn’t even see the horizon of my future, but I knew everything had to be new and unseen. And this summer we even revamped our branding to be ready for the future. 

In this article, I will emphasize the importance of getting out-of-the-box to adapt to changes and innovations for a brighter future that’s shaped together. Not ‘talking along’ that leads to complacency, but ‘talking against’ that leads to new intellectual challenges and an improvement of our beloved industry.

Is the box your comfort zone? 

Then the future might have some nasty surprises for you. References based on the past and the people you know for a very long time, is not enough to move along with the changes and innovations that the future will bring. 

In business, breaking free from routine and embracing innovation is key. Companies like Apple and Amazon have shown the power of thinking outside the box. 

Embracing new models together

To thrive in a fast-changing world, you need to discard old models and to embrace new models. I believe in challenging the status quo and in thinking like a designer and rebel. This will open doors to possibilities and redefine what’s achievable.

However, success is rarely achieved alone. Through transparent partnerships with stakeholders, we foster trust, growth, and significant savings. By combining our strengths, we become unstoppable.

That’s why I always say: “The best growth is towards each other”. 

This sentence even streams through the blood of our organization. We even use the short version of this sentence as our company pay-off: “Growing better together”, because we are on an adventure journey as service providers partnering with our customers, and all stakeholders. With our knowledge approach we always find and deliver solutions, whatever adventures our customers face in their commercial and operational journeys.

The legacy continues

My life in the box will begin when I am too old to handle the challenges of change and innovation. My colleagues will continue with out-of-the-box solutions, as designers and rebels. Prepared for all challenges.

One thing is for sure, change and innovation are ongoing. And IMU is ready for it. So, let’s shape the future together.

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