Expertise in claims handling is integral to marine liability insurance. In most cases, insurers offer legal costs insurance, also known as FD&D insurance, or Marine Defense. In both cases, clients rely on insurers and their Claims Handlers to actively engage in resolving claims and disputes. Incidents might arise can disrupt business operations and incur significant costs, particularly in the dynamic shipping industry. In addition, the client’s reputation can also be at stake.  

IMU’s in-house Legal & Claims teams operate 24/7 and always is standby in case a problem arises. As an insurer, you are the first point of contact. With this, our own reputation falls and stands. 

With our philosophy of “Growing Better Together”, we constantly pay attention to our responsibility to have the IMU team ready. This way, we can state without a doubt that IMU’s Legal & Claims department not only has the skills and knowledge to respond immediately, but also to assist with passion and empathy. That way, our assureds get the service they count on.  

Our Legal & Claims Executives Camilo Morales-Saavreda and Sanne Broskij understand that offering such a service is our top priority. Of course, the underlying policy cannot be set aside, but IMU wants above all to be known as a “service provider”, as Camilo and Sanne put it themselves: 

Camilo: “The management of legal disputes and maritime claims is a constant challenge, especially as we prefer to exceed client expectations. We are not a postman or police officer but handle every claim or dispute with our own in-house team. We believe in doing things together, as an IMU team, but also in close harmony with our brokers, clients, and service providers. Showing our presence and finding solutions which help our clients to reduce their exposures is rewarding. Our growth is accompanied by in-house training of new employees. With this, we aim to ensure that the IMU team delivers the quality we envisage. I feel responsible for the performance of our legal & claims team, and I also want to keep challenging myself to maintain our high service quality and even improve it where possible”. 

Sanne: “Helping our assureds with various problems, be they big or small, is something that is incredibly rewarding. Sometimes we try to settle big disputes, other times we help them through contract drafts, share our thoughts on legislative changes or even just assist them with finding the right correspondent in a remote corner of the world. Every case and question are unique and requires a tailor-made approach where we balance the commercial, operational and legal sides each issue has. I like to think that we tackle each and every one of those with the same passion, trying our hardest to make sure we provide our assureds with the solution, advice or answer that they need”. 

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