We must follow strict compliance and sanction screening processes for all transactions to avoid financial risks. Violating these rules could lead to regulators freezing our bank accounts, endangering the company’s existence. 

Perhaps an exaggeration to say that the world is on fire because of money laundering, wars, not to mention ever-increasing cyber risks.

At IMU, we internally oversee and enforce compliance and sanction screening management. Our aim is to proactively assist clients by engaging in thorough preparation and research outcomes. 

With our trained expertise in understanding clients’ businesses, we are well-equipped to streamline your compliance needs. 

Rick Bakelaar serves as our dedicated compliance manager, adopting an active and service-oriented approach. Beyond overseeing insurance compliance and sanction screening, Rick also serves as a consultant to our assureds. Rick offers supplementary services in compliance and sanction screening procedures, as well as in IT/Cyber Security and Environmental policies essential for the trading operations. 

In Rick’s words:
“Shipping always entails risk, making professional risk management a vital profession. My expertise is entirely dedicated to this field. I ensure flawless procedures because violating rules and regulations can lead to severe fines and repercussions, potentially bankrupting you. I understand where assistance is needed, I comprehend your business intricately, and I know which questions to ask. My objective isn’t solely compliance; it’s also proactive communication aimed at easing your compliance burdens”. 

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