At IMU, we strongly believe in the power of teamplay. Acknowledging room for failure, embracing challenges together and solving problems as a team is what sets us apart in serving unwavering support and shared success to our valued customers. 

A company needs to be visible and recognizable in the market with a consistent approach. In this, we should not underestimate the importance of making the brand clear internally as well and getting commitment from everyone. Making sure that we are all on the same route and don’t deviate from it.

The IMU branding

This year we launched the revamped branding of IMU and introduced this to our partners, the network and the market during the anniversary celebration of Martin Lanting. A brand based on serving our clients with professionalism, empathy and responsiveness.

However, the rebranding process does not start and does not stop at this point. This is an ongoing process in aligning all team members with the company brand. One of our examples is that we use brand books and guidelines at the office. But we also discuss our core values and code of conduct regularly. To make sure the whole team is still aligned on our shared mission.

The IMU team

The IMU team is in almost constant contact with each other with the sole aim of never letting the customer down. The collective knowledge approach works effectively, not only in terms of content, but also in the cooperation between people.

Everyone at IMU works on the basis of accountability. The available knowledge, skills and experience are deployed with confidence from the management, in which the IMU team member has the space to make decisions in the service delivery that is of interest to the customer. 

In the picture you can see a few of our team members, click here to view our full team and the details of each member.

Quotes from our people

There must be a good balance between delivering performance and an enjoyable working environment with room for relaxation, humour and social interaction. IMU embraces these values without compromising on the love for our customers, who rely on our presence and knowledge to solve their issues.

This is also what we hear back from our people. Here are some quotes from our team members.

Camilo: “IMU works as a team in a professional, human, comprehensive and care taking way. Our ambition is to make our partners feel the same way and enjoy the business together.” 

Sanne: “What sets us apart is how we take our passion and professionalism and try to turn it into the best possible outcomes for all the situations that we and our Assureds deal with daily.” 

Maarten: “I believe that IMU creates a superb working environment which motivates everyone to contribute to both the company and the excellent service for our stakeholders, by working with dedication, passion and enthusiasm.”

Nico: “IMU has created a work environment that is open and welcoming, encouraging employees to feel safe and at home. IMU offers an excellent place to develop as an employee by giving staff great autonomy and encouraging them to debate with their colleagues. This results in happy staff members, providing excellent customer service.”

Isabel: “Cultures and backgrounds collaboration, continuous learning and innovation. We are growing better together.”

Petroula: “Embracement of maritime expertise, exposure to the commercial arena and interaction with multicultural minds is the core of our ambition. Sailing all in the same boat, we are growing better together.”

Federico: “With passion, empathy & knowledge, we motivate each other in the IMU way to be enthusiastic, driven and innovative. We are dedicated in a customer-oriented mindset to always find solutions, because we believe in results; so, we can grow better together.”

Yvonne: “Whether it’s assisting with claims processing or underwriting support. With each tasks allows me to continuously learn and contribute to our collective success.”

IMU: I am You

Being a solution driven company, does not mean we make no mistakes. There is room for failure at our company. More important is how you act after a mistake and what you learned from the mistake and from the solution. A mistake does not result in condemnation, but the help of management to solve the problem together. 

Exactly as we make it clear to our customers: We cannot guarantee that there will never be a problem, but we can guarantee that we will solve it together. That’s why we keep saying ‘The best growth is towards each other’. This applies to customer relationships, partnerships, but also to team members. 

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