The Netherlands as a powerhouse in the maritime world. 

I am often asked why I am still doing this. When this question touches upon my age, I respond: “Warren Buffett is 93, so I have quite a future ahead of me!” Being from Rotterdam, the connection to the maritime world came naturally. Rotterdam was the largest port in the world for many years and still is very important for the Dutch and European economy.  

As I embark on my 41st year in maritime insurance, I find myself reflecting on the journey thus far. Much has evolved. Without email, the world wide web, AI, and also without compliance, social and political unrest, our modern world would be unrecognizable. 

Training the next generation: Helping young people start their careers in the Dutch maritime sector. 

I am proud of my entrepreneurship, which has afforded numerous young individuals the chance to establish their careers within the maritime industry. Many have gone on to excel in other maritime firms across the Netherlands, after their time within my companies. My motto was always: “Training people with the risk of them leaving, is still better than not training them and they stay”. This gets to the heart of our responsibility, since it’s not solely about pursuing our own interests, but envisioning a prosperous future for the Netherlands as a prominent maritime nation. 

In today’s reality, the challenges we face are not confined to the present; they extend into the future. The journey of strengthening the Dutch maritime insurance sector began upon founding Dutch P&I in 1988 and RaetsMarine in 1993. Since 2018, we’ve been dedicated to further empowering Rotterdam maritime insurance upon establishing IMU. We have successfully managed to challenge the international dominance in marine liability insurance and proudly kept the Netherlands on the map.   

Working together with Erasmus University to boost expertise in Maritime and Transport Law. 

Rotterdam appears to be highly appealing to foreign students, who opt to pursue their career within the maritime world in the Netherlands. Since establishing a strong relationship with Erasmus University of Rotterdam, we’ve encouraged students specializing in Maritime and Transport Law to kick off their career path at IMU. Currently, we have approximately ten young individuals from various countries and cultural backgrounds. 

At IMU, we choose to implement an intense internal training program. With the support of our experienced professionals and our IT platform “Itsvision,” this program offers a solid ground to young and inexperienced individuals to develop their careers in the maritime sector. Together, we are dedicated to IMU’s vision of becoming the leading provider of maritime liability insurance services in Rotterdam and the Netherlands, while also strengthening the Dutch maritime sector. 

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