The marine insurance industry is full of unexpected risks. Capital-intensive vessels traverse the globe and Billions of goods are transported, all relying on specialists available 24/7 to navigate unexpected challenges. The marine insurance industry needs to offer a helping hand with specialists that are as often available as the ships sail.

Marine insurance industry: never a dull moment

Shipping never stands still. And because of the cycle in the global economy combined with political turmoil, the maritime market is volatile and many times very unpredictable. The risks are often unexpected and sometimes unavoidable. And this naturally has an impact on the marine insurance sector.

Shipping and commodity trading are capital intensive

Goods are shipped all across the globe in expensive and maintenance intensive vessels. The marine insurance industry plays an important role in them. Not only because of issuing a policy to cover risks, but a valid insurance policy is also necessary in bank financing.

A need for specialists in the marine insurance industry

The industry needs specialists who can properly assess the risks and are ready to be available 24/7 to step in with advice. Why? Because this is also how it works in shipping. When an accident occurs or when there are claims or disputes, specialist knowledge and experience have to be present at the insurance brokers and insurers.

Clients need a helping hand

And a cooperation in such a way that the client can continue with its core business undisturbed. IMU is fully equipped to lend a helping hand to its clients and to take care of the business in matters of accidents, claims and disputes. This way, each other’s knowledge is utilised to the fullest extent.

This is exactly where IMU stands for. At first, we show the empathy that is in our name: ‘I AM YOU’. After that we always try to grow towards each other, as our slogan says: ‘Growing better together’. A superior result is our finest hour.

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