In addition to our circular dated 27th December 2022, please be informed of the following. As provided and issued, our Certificate of Insurance and Insurance Policy Wording, include a War Risks cover as per Module VII which expressly excludes the Russia-Ukraine conflict. This remains to be excluded. In conformity with this clause, we hereby inform our Assured that the cover for War Risks in respect of the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden, and Southern Red Sea waters enclosed is terminated with effective date at 12.00 hours GMT on 1st January 2023 and with effective date at 12.00 hours GMT on 20th February by the following boundaries:

a) on the northwest, by the Red Sea, south of Latitude 18°N 

b) on the northeast, from the Yemen border at 16°38.5’N, 53°6.5’E to high seas point 14°55’N, 53°50’E 

c) on the east, by a line from high seas point 14°55’N, 53°50’E to high seas point 10°48’N, 60°15’E, thence to high seas point 6°45’S, 48°45’E 

d) and on the southwest, by the Somalia border at 1°40’S, 41°34’E, to high seas point 6°45’S, 48°45’E 

excepting coastal waters of adjoining territories up to 12 nautical miles offshore unless otherwise provided. 

This Notice does not alter the position of any other area currently restricted or excluded under respective policies. All other terms and conditions remain unchanged. 

Subject to availability in the insurance market we can offer our services to place a reinstatement of war risks cover for chartered vessels in excluded areas as stated above. 

For any questions or enquiries please contact us. 

Martin Lanting
Mobile: +31 653 292201

Maarten Beets
Mobile: +31 628 867292

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