As you can see in our corporate branding, we use the acronym of our full name ‘Insure Marine Underwriting’ in our word image. This acronym, IMU, is not used because it is just shorter. We say IMU, because it is pronounced as ‘I AM YOU’. 

Pronouncing this name creates a strong and empathetic feeling for our customers, our employees and our partners. And the other way around, it creates a bond with branding. This works two ways.

And if we dive a little deeper into our brand, it is built on the DNA we share as a company and with the human capital behind it. Here are seven important components of our DNA, which we will elaborate further below:

  • Agility;
  • Conviction;
  • Curiosity;
  • Energy;
  • Resilience;
  • Trust;
  • Empathy.


Being able to adapt is an important attribute to provide the right service. Especially in this fast-changing world, it is essential to be agile. Sometimes you have to unlearn things to make room for new things to be learned. The past is the worst barometer, because it kills what is needed for the future. You cannot race ahead to a good result if you look in the rear-view mirror too often.

At IMU, we test our agility against our collective effort to get the best result that is of interest to our customers.


Without taking a strong stand, no one cares about what you think or believe. Of course, knowledge plays an important role in giving advice, but if that advice is full of if’s, but’s and maybe’s, then it lacks direction and does not help the customer. 

Besides knowledge, a continued presence as a service provider is important. Don’t look for excuses, but keep pushing until the right solution is on the table. Not being stubborn, but having a conviction. Dare to stick to your own opinion and knowledge, and keep listening carefully to the opinions of others. After all, a decision you make alone is unlikely to rise above the middle ground, whereas a decision made on the basis of a collective knowledge approach can produce a superior result.

Doing things together, sparring together, searching together, yes just being initially willing and open to the fact that others’ opinions can provide better solutions, is in IMU’s DNA.


Everything that goes automatic, automatically goes wrong. The solution is to be curious and to stay curious. Always keep asking yourself to get all the information. Don’t take anything for granted and make complacency your worst enemy. There is a danger in every assumption. Without curiosity, we quickly become dated. Show willingness to listen and learn from others.

IMU embraces the value of a collective knowledge approach, because we believe that a collective decision always beats an individual decision. Our belief in a superior outcome is sacrosanct.


Our work should be done with positivity and a healthy excitement. An energetic approach is the first step to success. It creates the right interaction, namely giving energy and receiving energy. 

With this attitude, working together becomes a habit in which a collective knowledge approach is central. No separate position between an insurer, a broker and an insured, but jointly arriving at solutions.

Energy changes team dynamics. Not only between colleagues, but much more broadly between all stakeholders. Energy spurs action and fuels belief in results. Make sure the work is done with passion and show your passion with active presence.

‘Growing Better Together’ is more than an IMU slogan. It is the way we believe in superior results.


Failure is learning. We are all human and no one is perfect. If not failing is the goal, a situation of not making a decision is likely to arise. A service provider is expected to take action with decisions that provide a direction for resolving a claim or dispute. 

Don’t rule out failure, but act quickly and again. A responsible person makes decisions that inherently include risks. Excluding and avoiding all risk leads to a standstill. That is the last thing a customer wants.

IMU makes its people accountable, so that decisions are made to help the customers. If something unexpected goes wrong, the person in question gets help from others. In the end, IMU is ultimately responsible as a team and not the individual. 

With this, IMU gives its employees enough space to embrace intellectual challenges. And, above all, to make decisions with an active presence. Our resilience is entirely at the service of our customers.


Corporate culture is formed with how people interact with each other. A subculture is an anti-culture. The key is to ensure that what the company wants to portray, is fixed and adhered to with consistent business practices.

These business practices need to be clear and workable for everyone, and need to motivate the people in the organisation to carry the culture forward in their day-to-day work. This is also a team responsibility. Micromanagers are and will be alone. Give confidence to the team from the agreed plan. It is the only way to delegate tasks effectively. This includes leadership that gives the team the freedom to make decisions with a risk of failure. The leader remains accessible and helpful when needed.

IMU is built on a culture of trust. This culture not only determines how colleagues interact, but also radiates to all IMU stakeholders. Not words, but deeds.


As we described in our introduction, the word image IMU embraces our empathy: I AM YOU. We make an effort to understand and share the feelings of others. This creates a bond, inspires trust and helps to find the right solution. 

It is always nice to be liked or to like someone, but walking the extra mile with workable solutions is more satisfying and it also feeds mutual respect. Always try to understand the motivations of the people you are dealing with and act accordingly. Ask yourself what challenges you face towards colleagues and customers. 

Understanding them is the key to superior results. By putting empathy at the centre of our core values, we fuel our passion and knowledge to always be ready in finding solutions.

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