Cyber Risk & Insurance

Cyber Risk & Insurance

We live in a connected world, built on the massive growth in interconnectivity causing a huge increase in our connectivity and in sharing our data. By 2020 we have sent over 306 Billion emails, 65 Billion messages on WhatsApp and use “Google” 5 billion times a day.

Businesses are digitally connected and automated, relying on IT Systems 24/7.

Cyber risks cannot be ignored. Maritime companies face new exposures: business interruption, data breaches, costs, fines, third party liabilities, ransomware/malware crime and regulatory consequences.

Insure Marine Underwriting now offers a full Cyber Insurance coverage to manage your Cyber Exposure, including Risk Management services and a 24/7 emergency team ready to help.

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Cyber Insurance Coverages

Breach Response Costs

Breach notification costs, Credit Monitoring, Call Centre/ Communication services, Forensic Investigation, PR Efforts

Data Costs

Cost to replace, recreate, repair or restore damaged assets from a computer attack, any operational error, accidental, failure of back up generators and static electricity.

Network Failure + Income Loss

Business interruption, income loss and extra expense associated with its business caused by the failure of your computer systems/ networks. 12 hour time retention applies

Outsource Provider + Income Loss

Business interruption, Income loss and extra expense based on the third-party’s failure of computer systems/ networks 12 hour time retention applies

Cyber Extortion & Ransomware

Insured will be reimbursed for any Cyber Extortion/Ransomware expenses as a result of a cyber extortion or ransomware demand.

Network Security, Privacy & Confidentiality Liability

Covers third-party liability, including defence and judgements or settlements arising from data breaches and other failures to protect confidential information.

Data Breaches

Covers the amounts payable in connection with administrative or regulatory investigations and proceedings including regulatory fines and penalties, if not prohibited by law.

Maritime Policy Cyber Exclusion Buyback

Covers any losses expressly excluded by the Marine Insurers under the Designated Maritime Policy listed on the Policy Schedule due to the Institute Cyber Attack Exclusion Clause.

Cyber Insurance Exclusions

Bodily Injury / Property Damage

Damage to any physical or tangible property, including Hardware.

Satellite, Electrical or Mechanical Failures

Satellite failures, electrical or mechanical failures including, but not limited to spike, brownout or blackout outside the control of the Insured.

Intellectual Property

Any actual or alleged breach of a Third Party’s intellectual property right by an Insured, including but not limited to any patent or the misappropriation, theft copying, display or any publication of trade secrets.

Illegal Programs

The Insured’s knowing use of illegal or unlicensed programs that are in violations of the provisions or laws referring to software protection.

Fluctuation of Markets

Any trading losses resulting from the fluctuation of any stock, share, security or currency on any financial markets or exchanges.


The monetary value of any electronical fund transfers, transactions by or on behalf of the insured, which are lost and not being a direct result of a Network security Breach of the Insured.

"Prepare and prevent, don't repair and repent."

Cyber Risk Management

Free 24/7 Emergency hotline

In case of a Cyber Attack, you want to be back online as soon as possible. Together with our Insurers we have a team of experts ready to help you in case of a Cyber-attack. This includes a PR-team, IT forensics, Call Centre, Legal advice etc.

Free Checklist of the best practices

Practical advice to reduce your risks.

Cyber Awareness Presentation + Employee Training

More than 99% of cyberattacks focus on humans. Improving the awareness of your employees is your first line of defence. To significantly reduce risk, cyber risk awareness and employee training is key in your prevention measures.

Free Phishing campaign

During a period of 6 months, we will launch a phishing campaign to your company. Monitoring the responses and helping you to identify your weak points.

Free (Two-month Trial) Threatspan Monitoring services

Monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic, warning you in case of any Cyber Attack. So, you can react fast and efficient, reducing business interruption, costs and loss of data on board vessels or in your office.

Creating a Emergency Recovery Plan

Use our templates and experience to create a Cyber response plan to minimize your business interruption and costs.

Free Review of your Emergency Recovery Plan

Already have a Recovery plan, let us review it.

"There are two types of companies, those that have been hacked, and those that will be."

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